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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Your photographer

I was always a ham....

From when I was little, I was constantly putting on my best smile and jumping in front of any camera I could! Pushing my little brother out of the way and waiting for my Mom to snap the picture. Ah those were the days. My parents, fearing their little boy was going to be hurt from constantly being pushed out of pictures, decided to buy me my own camera, and my love affair with photography officially began.

My first camera was rectangular and only had a few buttons on it. The flash popped out of the side. I wish I had a picture of that old thing now, but thanks to the internet, I was able to find one similar:

Only mine was in an awesome blue color!  This bad boy took some 110 film, remember that?

Ahh, thanks again to the internet so we could get a shot of those bad boys.

And behold, the first picture that I took with that camera:

Think I took it before I supposed to, lol.

Pretty soon I had taken over my Dad's Nikon. Between that camera and my Cousin Lindsey's camera, I was quickly learning how to take the best angles and adjust the lenses and shutters. Sometimes even developing our own pictures in Lindsey's darkroom.

Through the years I went through many many cameras, both film and disposable. I was hesitant to step into the digital world, because I feared what that meant for my beloved film. The excitement of not knowing what gems awaited me on the film.

In 2005 I broke my resolve and got my first digital camera. All of a sudden it all became clear. I now no longer had to wait to see the pictures I took. I now no longer had to throw away the pictures that came out blurry or not good, I just didnt have to print them. The digital camera reaffirmed my love affair with photography.

I am now shooting with a Nikon D3000, and love every minute of it!!!  Nikon's are my favorite and have never let me down.

And although I spend most of my time behind the camera now, Im still the same ole ham that I was back in the day!

So welcome to Christine Remington Photography, where I want to put YOU in the picture! :)

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