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Basically an online diary, for when I cant remember what day it is, lol :)

Monday, August 13, 2012


Yesterday I had alot of ambition.... Ambition to get some cleaning done around the house, and all the laundry done. I didnt do much of either....

Instead, I went to Davids Bridal and helped the beautiful bride to be try on some dresses (She narrowed it down to two :)) and the awesome bridesmaids pick out dresses (Flo had already picked them out we just had to try them on). It was def a fun time had by all!

When I got home, I wanted nothing more than to relax a bit, and I did that by watching the new movie, Savages. The movie is about two buddies, who go into the pot business together, and share the same girl. It had a really good cast, Benicio Del Toro, Blake Lively, and Salma Hayeck. The movie was pretty gruesome but overall, I really like it. A must see for sure.

After the movie was done, I picked back up the new book that I started, Cemetery Girl. Once I started reading it, I knew I was not going to like the book. But it wasnt very big, and I managed to finish it up as I watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Any book about a missing or abused child, is definetly not one Im going to enjoy. Lesson learned there.

But the closing ceremonies for the Olympics were awesome. The USA won big, in overall medals and gold medals. This was the first Olympics that I really watched and was into, and both the opening and closing ceremonies were awesome in my opinion. My favorite part of the closing ceremony was the David Bowie tribute that showed all his different looks and styles from the past decades. David Bowie is my guilty pleasure. Love.That.Man.

Time to finish up some work, and then head to the Y for a workout. :)

Smell ya later.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Adventures of Old Christine

So Ive decided that I am going to make this blog more of a diary.... I will still be posting my pictures now and then, but I want something that I can look back on and remember my thoughts and what was going on at the time.

So today, I will rename the blog, and start a new....

I have, and always will be, an Amazon.com freak! Love love love it. I am a super book nerd, and this week alone, I put three novels to rest. I had been scouring the "Best Books of 2011" and made a couple choices. Three out of four of them are now done, and all I can say is wow. Just wow. I picked some really messed up, but extremely good books.

The first one I read, was "Before I Go to Sleep" by SJ Watson. It was a book about a girl named Christine, who was in accident and lost all her memories. She woke up every day not knowing who she was. Kinda like the movie fifty first dates. But instead of a caring, overprotective father and brother looking out for her, Christine isnt even sure if she can trust the man who claims to be her husband. The book had me captivated from the moment I started it. Christine was meeting with a doctor secretly who was having her write down her memories day to day, and he would call her every morning when he knew her "husband" was at work and remind her to read the diary. The agony this woman had to go through day after day, was heart wrenching. And the twists and turns kept me wanting to read more. I dont want to ruin these books for anyone, so I wont give away the endings, but this book was definetly a 4 out of 5 star for me.

The next book I read was, "The NIght Strangers" by Chris Bohjalian. This book first caught my attention because it was about a plane crash on Lake Champlain. The pilot was lifting off when a flock of geese came at the plane causing the engines to fail. The plane had 43 people on it, and 39 died, the pilot was one of the few survivors. It switched around from the pilots inner thoughts, to his wife's, to his two twin daughters. They had uprooted their lives in Vermont and moved to a new state to try to start a new life. But what they found in this new place, was a strange community, a strange door with 39 bolts on it in the basement, and all sorts of other weird things. The book was good, but at times I wanted to set it down and move onto another. Im glad I didnt though, because once the story picked up, it moved at a fast past, and I was left in shock at the end. I'd only give it a 3.5 because of slow parts, but absolutely a good read overall.

This morning I finished my third book of the week, which was "The Devil All the Time" by Donald Ray Pollack. All I can say about this one, is O.M.G. This was one of the sickest, more twisted books I have ever read. Every chance you thought someone might get a strock of luck, ten more twisted things happened. It was like a non stop punch in the gut. I read it in less than 24 hours. Brilliant writing and storytelling, switching inbetween three or four different story lines and bringing them all together beautifully in the end. This book was savage and unruley, and as a result, I couldnt put it down. My guess, Im going to have nightmares tonight. I give this a 4.5 out of 5. Just amazing.

Today I will start my last book from this order, "Cemetery Girl" then I will await my next shipment of books from amazon which should be here in a couple days.

Im going to try on dresses at Davids Bridal now, for my friend Flo's wedding, in which I am the matron of honor. Her wedding is a destination wedding, happening down in the Florida Keys! Im so exciting, I cant wait for June 2013 to be here!!!

Thats it for now! Talk to you soon! :)