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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easter Part 1: Nan's

Easter at Nan's is has been a family tradition for me since I was just a little baby. With Nan having passed in January, and the children preparing to sell the house, we took advantage of one more Easter at Nan's, egg hunt and all. Love and Miss you Nan.

Hi Shayla!!!

Group shot (gotta love the tripod)

So cute in her Easter Dress :)

Bean & Baby Bean

Courtney & James

Caitlin has the Easter spirit!!

Little baby teeth!!

Uncle Bryan & Linda

Momma & Jeffrey

The "Poppy Face"

Happy Lil Baby!


Someone looks sneaky!!!!

Beep Beeep!!!!

Me & the Hubby

Brenda & Caitie


Happy Smiles!!!

Stay tuned for Easter part 2, the Remingtons :)

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